Jaymes Julian Wilson (Brashears) is an actor, filmmaker, and musician from Houston, Texas.

Born in 1996, he has received professional training as an actor, vocalist, musician, and audio engineer. He will soon be attending college for further study. In addition to teaching theater arts, he has participated in community outreach theater programs in Houston.

Since the start of his professional career in 2005, he has worked with a wide range of theater companies, film studios, and performance venues all over the Houston area. In 2008, he was the grand prize winner of the Let Freedom Sing! vocal talent competition, and acted as a competition judge in 2010 and 2011. In 2010, he was featured in Eye Candy, Inc.'s short film The CareTaker, which won the 2011 Gulf Coast Film Festival award for Best Drama. He is a company member of Mildred's Umbrella. For more information on his past and upcoming projects, please visit the Résumé page.

He has been featured in the Houston Chronicle, Houston Press, Arts + Culture Texas, Greater Houston Weekly, BroadwayWorld, Pearland Focus, The Tanglewood Buzz, Kingwood Observer, and more, as well as being interviewed for KUHA 91.7's program The Front Row in 2012.

Photo by Daniel Hernandez Photography, 2011
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